The Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust, To Know the Moraine is to love it.

A citizen directed charitable non-profit, the ORMLT aims to maintain and manage a system of nature reserves. The Trust works through outreach and communications and other means to encourage all citizens to further protect and restore the natural environment of the Oak Ridges Moraine.

The Trust to date has secured over 3,786 acres of land with 37 registered conservation easements, 3 restricted covenants, 7 properties donated to the land trust for direct, fee simple ownership and 2 properties in joint ownership. Volunteers contribute almost 4,100 hours annually – time that if paid would amount to approximately $120,000 or nearly 3 person years of full-time employment.

One of many regional land trusts found throughout Canada, the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust is a member in good standing with the Ontario Land Trust Alliance and has adopted their Standards and Practices.


The Oak Ridges Moraine

The Oak Ridges Moraine stretches for over 160 kilometers across the most populated area of Ontario. This distinct ridge, a 12,000 year old remnant of the last ice age, is the source of 65 major streams or rivers. The Moraine provides clean, safe drinking water to over a quarter of a million people with private and municipal wells. It is home to hundreds of plant and animal species.

Provincial legislation to protect the functions of the Oak Ridges Moraine enacted in 2002 was an important step – but the work is not done. Over 90% of the Moraine is in private ownership. As such, the promotion of sustainable use by individuals is a necessary complement to land use planning and protection efforts.

Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust: Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve 18462 Bathurst Street Newmarket Ontario L3Y 4V9 Tel:(905)853-3171