Please review the the ORMLT COVID-19 Event Protocol before attending any in-person ORMLT event:


What to do prior to the event:
  • Keep yourselves and others safe at our events by minimizing your risk of COVID-19 exposure in the two weeks leading up to the event.
  • If you or a close contact develops COVID-19 symptoms or are diagnosed with it in the two weeks leading up to the event, please inform ORMLT staff of your situation, stay home, and join us at our next event.
  • Please fill out the pre-screening card and send it to us the day before the event, before 12:00 pm. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms on the card you are required to inform ORMLT staff, stay home, and join us at our next event.
  • As a part of the pre-screening process you will agree to additional screening for COVID-19 symptoms, including a temperature check, upon arrival to the event.
  • You will also be required to notify ORMLT staff if you or a close contact are diagnosed with COVID in the two weeks following the event.
  • ORMLT staff have taken all necessary precautions to make the events as safe & engaging as we can at this time, and that staff are required to take the same screening forms as attendees.
  • Upon registering online, more information will be sent to you about our modified event operations.
What to expect at our events:
  • Attendees will remain in their cars upon arrival – you will be approached by staff for registration.
  • During registration, you will be screened for symptoms, including having your temperature taken. Please note that if you present symptoms at any point you will be asked to exit the event and be advised to seek COVID-19 testing.
  • All equipment distributed at the event will be thoroughly sanitized, as well as any surfaces.
  • Porta-potties with the proper sanitizing amenities will be provided and will be inspected and cleaned regularly by ORMLT staff.
  • All staff and attendees of the event will maintain a 6-ft distance from others outside of their household.
  • All staff and attendees will wear facial coverings for the entirety of the event, unless otherwise stated.
  • Event activities will be limited to small groups to avoid crowds.
What to do after an event
  • Monitor yourself and close-contacts for COVID-19 symptoms or diagnoses for two weeks following the event.
  • If a COVID-19 diagnosis does occur, please inform the Land Trust so we can notify other attendees – your name will not be shared at any point in this process.
  • Monitor your email for any updates from ORMLT staff.