Educational Resources

Ready to learn all about the Oak Ridges Moraine and all it has to offer? Explore this page for a starting point of how to include the Oak Ridges Moraine in your curriculum.


There are many ways to incorporate information about the Oak Ridges Moraine, or the manner in which it functions into school curriculum at many levels. The links below are only a starting point on your way to help your students learn to love the Moraine.

Natural Resources Canada has a lesson plan and series of activities (grade 7-10) about the Oak Ridges Moraine (scroll to the bottom of the page) or, you can download a lesson plan here or individual activity sheets for Moraine formation (pdf), conducting an in class “town hall” about conflicting uses of the Moraine (pdf) or building a groundwater model (pdf).

Canadian Geographic’s Canadian Atlas Online has information about the Moraine within its section on Mixed Wood Plains here.

Regrettably the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust does not currently have the resources to support in-class educational presentations. However, we would be interested in discussing opportunities to deliver “Oak Ridges Moraine orientation” to groups of ten or more teachers.

Classroom presentations about the Oak Ridges Moraine may be available depending on your school location; contact the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust 905-853-3171 for information.

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