Welcome to the Beeton Heritage Forest

The Beeton Heritage Forest was donated by the Town of New Tecumseth to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust in 2019 and provides great value to our environment and users. 

We ask all users to review our User Guide prior to visiting to ensure a safe experience for you and the forest.

Grand Reopening of the Beeton Heritage Forest

We have been working on a plan to manage the Beeton Heritage Forest to protect the forest’s rich natural and cultural heritage, while allowing users to enjoy its beauty safely and sustainably.

Join us on Saturday, April 30th, 2022 from 10am to 12pm for a morning of learning, sharing and celebrating at this family-friendly event.

Come out for interactive nature activities and to explain the management plan for this amazing forest. Click HERE for the Forest User Guide for more information.

    Access and Parking to the Beeton Heritage Forest:
    5927 7th Line, New Tecumseth, ON.

    Please, Be a Friend to the Heritage Forest

    While enjoying the forest, please minimize your impact on the natural environment. Designated trails help users avoid getting lost, keep you safe from areas of high natural hazards, and protect sensitive areas. Staying on trails keeps you and the forest safe so that future generations can appreciate both. 

    • Stay on marked trails at all times
    • Leave only footprints. Take only photographs. Please, no foraging. 
    • Give wildlife space and enjoy being an observer from afar
    • Dogs are not permitted

      Maintaining the Forest with Your Help

      Since 2000, the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust has worked across the Moraine, Greenbelt, and Simcoe County to conserve environmentally significant land. With the donation of this Heritage Forest, the Land Trust is providing a protected trail for the public to use and enjoy. 

      Donations to support the stewardship and maintenance of the property can be made to the Land Trust, directed to the “Beeton Heritage Forest Fund” through various options listed on our Give Page.

      The trails in this forest are maintained in partnership with a dedicated volunteer group of citizens.

      Please, No Dogs in the Forest

      There is an off-leash dog area located 3km from the forest at 10th line & Stewart St E in Beeton.

      Unfortunately, dogs are no longer permitted due to the disregard of leash laws in the forest by some owners and the highly sensitive ecosystem of the forest. 

      • Off-leash dogs harm the natural ecosystem of the forest and its users, and are prohibited in the Town of New Tecumseth. (Bylaw #2017-77).
      • There have been recorded instances of wildlife and other dog fatalities due to off-leash dogs. Your dogs may also be injured or even killed by the wildlife that live here.
      • Wild animals see dogs as a threat. Domestic dogs are in much higher concentrations than natural predators, and native species cannot continually handle this level of predator avoidance and stress. 
      • Rare and Species at Risk ground-nesting birds inhabit this forest, and disturbances by off-leash dogs can damage the nests.
      • This trail is meant for the use of people, and we would like to ensure that everyone can use it safely, without worrying about off-leash dogs. 

      We appreciate your understanding. Our priority is protecting this wonderful forest’s natural and cultural heritage features.

      Here’s a great article on the ecological impact of dog waste on ecosystems: The scoop on dog poop: why all scat is not the same