Monarch Circle Legacy Giving

Every single gift we receive from friends and neighbours like you helps us protect more property on and near our beautiful Oak Ridges Moraine. Thank you for your kind and caring support!

Your Legacy

“I’ve really come to understand the importance of protecting private land. I feel so strongly about this land being protected forever. And the Land Trust has the same passion, the same commitment to protecting land. As a landowner, you know that your property is protected forever. And I know the Land Trust. This is what they do best. I’m in favour of how they work: as a landowner, you get to enjoy your property and know that it will stay the same forever.” – Patricia, Land Trust Volunteer, Donor and Monarch Circle member

Our Land Trust is so grateful to have loyal and amazing donors like Patricia. We hope that stories like these inspires you to reflect on what it is about our Moraine that is so precious to you. While gifts of property are a crucial resource for us, we also have a growing group of people who have remembered our Land Trust in their Will, becoming part of our Monarch Circle. These gifts ensure we can confront urgent conservation priorities today and protect more land for tomorrow. It is truly an honour to help people and families ensure that what they value most—a love for nature—lives on forever on our Moraine, Greenbelt and beyond.

By joining our Monarch Circle, you ensure we can protect more properties and the wild species that live here. In addition to a gift in your Will, there are other forms of planned gifts, including gifts of securities, endowments, retirement plan gifts, insurance or other investments. We would love to speak with you and work together to find the gift that works best for you and your family.

Joining our Monarch Circle is a way for you to put your values into action. Every single gift makes an impact. If you share a will to protect nature, we would love to have a confidential conversation with you.

You can contact Chief Executive Officer Susan Walmer 905−853−3171 Extension 32