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Leaving a Gift to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust: A Lasting Legacy for a Better Tomorrow

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Leave your Legacy with a Gift in Your Will to Protect Nature Forever.

Planning for the future is an essential part of life, and one aspect often overlooked is creating a will. While the idea of contemplating our mortality can be uncomfortable, preparing a will provides an opportunity to make a meaningful impact even after we are gone. One such impactful decision is leaving a legacy gift to organizations like the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust, where you can help to protect the nature you love forever. In this post, we will explore the numerous benefits of leaving a gift to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust in your will, not only for the permanent protection and conservation of nature, but also for your own personal fulfillment.

Protecting Nature:

The Oak Ridges Moraine is a precious ecological treasure. By leaving a gift to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust in your will, you contribute to the long-term preservation of this vital land and its diverse ecosystems. Your generosity will help protect wildlife habitats, safeguard clean water resources, and conserve the region’s natural beauty for generations to come. Knowing that you have played a role in preserving the environment can bring immense satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy:

Leaving a legacy gift to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. It allows you to contribute to the betterment of society, even when you are no longer here. By supporting the Land Trust’s efforts to conserve and restore the Moraine, you become part of a collective movement towards sustainable land use and environmental stewardship, and a part of our Monarch Circle. Your legacy will inspire others to follow your footsteps and make a positive impact on the world.

Tax Benefits:

Beyond the intrinsic rewards of contributing to environmental conservation, leaving a gift to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust can offer tax benefits. In Canada, charitable donations made through a will can be deducted from the taxable estate, reducing the overall estate tax burden. Consulting with a financial advisor or estate planner can help you navigate the legal and financial aspects to optimize the benefits of your gift.

Honouring Your Personal Values:

For many individuals, the Oak Ridges Moraine holds a special place in their hearts. Leaving a gift to the Land Trust in your will is an opportunity to align your values with actions, expressing your deep connection and commitment to the preservation of this cherished landscape. It is a meaningful way to give back to the nature that has brought you joy, solace, and appreciation for throughout your life.

Leaving a legacy gift to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust in your will offers a multitude of benefits. From protecting the environment to leaving a lasting legacy, your contribution will make a significant difference in the conservation efforts of this ecologically significant region. Furthermore, the tax benefits and the opportunity to honor your personal values make it a fulfilling choice for those passionate about environmental preservation. As you reflect on your life and consider planning for the future, remember the profound impact you can have by leaving a gift to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust. By doing so, you can ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the beauty and benefits of the Oak Ridges Moraine, even long after you have gone.

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