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You’re invited to volunteer and explore our forests, rivers and fields to monitor and identify species and learn about the health of our ecosystem! Scroll down to learn about Blitzing the Moraine, Forest Bathing, and more!

Blitzing the Moraine

Have you ever wondered what beautiful bird is behind the chirps and peeps you hear as you walk along the river? Here’s your chance to learn more about the joys and mysteries of nature that surround us, and help monitor the health of our Moraine too!

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Enter a green forest paradise with gently rolling hills that beckon you to stop and take in the beauty of the mixed aged forest. Listen carefully and you can distinguish the Eastern Wood-pewee singing his song through the orchestra of birdsong as a Pileated Woodpecker taps away in the distance. The sound of calling songbirds and frogs is a testament to the web of life that thrives here. Come discover the diversity of this Nature Reserve.

Free Workshops & Events

iNaturalist at Blitzing the Moraine Events

iNaturalist is a smartphone app which lets you become a citizen scientist – at home and at our events. Take pictures of organisms, post them to iNat, and learn more about the species that surround us. Get started by visiting: 

This work would not be possible without the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and our many other funders